Your frequently asked questions, answered…

These are some of the more commonly asked question we receive:

Are your cabinets fireproof?

We do not have any formal certification stating our cabinets are fireproof but as they are made from steel they will not catch on fire. It is thought that the Pateint Records will remain safe inside the cabinet for up to 30 minutes by which time you would expect the fire to be extinguished.

What is your most popular storage unit for doctors' surgeries?

The archive storage cabinet and the 36557 Lloyd George Unit.

What size notes are used for dental/medical records?

Dental notes are usually 6 X 10H (FP25) and medical are 7 X 5 (Lloyd George)

Does Amerson make cabinets for opticians?

Amerson do manufacture cabinets for opticians in various sizes to hold different records.

Can I buy storage cabinets for A4 Notes?

Yes, Amerson manufactures cabinets and archive storage for A4 files.

Do you supply X-Ray Cabinets?

Yes, these hold ‘toastracks’ which have 5 divisions to hold X-Ray films.

Do you supply A3 storage?

Certainly, Amerson manufactures a 3 drawer cabinet and supplies suspension files if required.

Are Amerson products covered by warranty?

Yes, 12 months standard warranty.

Do you offer a repair service if the warranty time has elapsed?

Yes we do. Please contact the sales office for a quotation.

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